100% Renewable Electricity

FUUSN is practicing our principles by opting up to have 100% of our energy sourced from New England solar, hydro and wind power. The Finance Committee reviewed this from a fiscal point of view and discovered that it would increase our electric bill between 1-2%. The Operations Council reviewed and agreed to this choice.

We have the opportunity to do this without worrying about shady suppliers or unexpected price increases because we have a city wide electricity purchasing plan in Newton called Newton Power Choice. The city went out to bid for the whole city and will continually monitor and rebid the contract on behalf of all of us.

Newton Power Choice allows residents and institutions in Newton to choose 100% green power. We know that in order to have a chance of keeping global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius, we are going to have to stop the use of fossil fuels. Opting up to 100% renewable electricity is an easy step in the right direction. Anyone interested in opting up to 100% for their home can call Direct Energy at 866-968-8065 or visit NewtonPowerChoice.com and click “opt up.”

For questions, contact Demie Stathoplos at (413) 717-2576.