Social Action Meeting

WATCH for our next SAC Advocacy Task Force presentation. On Sunday January 12 at noon, the Social Action Committee of FUUSN invites you for soup and conversation with the Waltham Alliance To Create Housing (WATCH). Daria Gere, Executive Director, and Suzi Solomon, Housing Clinic Coordinator, will describe some of the many programs offered by this Community Development Corporation. There is a paid staff of less than ten with many volunteers – see what they have accomplished in their advocacy for affordable housing in Waltham. Many of the programs benefit the surrounding areas as well, and offer ideas for work-arounds for other cities.

Some of their services include evening housing clinics, offering help with fuel assistance, food stamps and rental vouchers. There are classes in ESL, Hi-Step, and citizenship courses to help immigrants to feel welcome. Other assistance includes development of resumes and preparation for job interviews. There is a Tenant Action Group with over 200 members who learn their basic rights, and how to advocate for themselves and negotiate with landlords.

The SAC Committee meets at noon – 1:30 on January 12 in the Alliance Room.