2020-2021 FUUSN Leadership Nomination Process Open

The Nominating Committee (NC) 2020 would like to inform the congregation that the time begins now to offer names of candidates to be considered for elected leadership positions such as serving on the FUUSN Board of Trustees. For approximately four weeks, from Tuesday March 24 through Sunday April 19, we invite you to submit the names of people you would like to see in leadership roles at FUUSN. If you are interested in a position, we encourage you to submit your own name during this process. Per the FUUSN By-Laws, the following are the 17 positions that are open for election:
-Board of Trustees (three positions)
-Operations Council (two positions)
-Trustee of High School age (two positions)
-Assistant Treasurer (two positions)
-Treasurer (one position)
-Delegates to the UU Urban Ministry (three positions)
-Moderator (one position)
-Clerk for the Board (one position)
-Assistant Clerk for the Operations Council (one position)
-Board of Investment (one position)

12 of these 17 positions have incumbents who are eligible and willing to continue serving for another term.

We particularly encourage nominations for the following positions that are becoming vacant without an incumbent who is eligible and willing to continue:
-Board of Trustees
-Trustee of High School Age
-Assistant Treasurer

Look out for an invitation for an upcoming Nominating Committee Information Session via Zoom, during which you can learn more about FUUSN governance,
the nomination process, and open positions.

Feel free to contact the Nominating Committee to submit a name or learn more: nomcom@fusn.org

Danny Jones, Barbara Bates, Bruce Kimball, Tim Wells, Bridget Hess-Mahan