We have a wonderful community which we want to help grow and share with those outside FUUSN. 
This effort takes both people and funding!

What FUUSN could do…

…with more Funding

KEEP UP WITH INFLATION:  With a 3% increase, we could hold steady.

  • Our pledges constitute over two-thirds of FUUSN’s revenue. We rely on everyone pledging to reach our goal.
  • FUUSN spends $4,021 per pledging family and our average pledge is $2,536.

INVEST FOR GROWTH:  With a 9% increase, we could build membership by expanding outreach into the greater community and complete some deferred maintenance.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Hire part-time staff to support lay leaders and committees with communications and community outreach (joint musical concerts, anti-racism and social action projects, family fun nights, over 60’s events).
  • Pay license fees to show movies and watch them together, including movies about racism, indigenous liberation, inclusion, climate change and plant-based eating.
  • Improve building safety by installing exit lights and push bars to make our building safer (even though we are grandfathered).  Reinstate annual painting budget.

ASPIRATIONAL:  With a 15% increase, we could jump-start community outreach and membership growth and invest in our building to generate additional income.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Hire part-time staff to support lay leaders with communications and outreach (as above) as well as marintain building/grounds, IT, website, enable electronic payments, hire a musician to incorporate music into Religious Education activities.
  • Add a basement exterior entrance and build a parking lot that would enable rental of our basement space.
  • Invest in more inclusive physical artifacts (pictures, statues, windows) to visibly invite multiculturalism into our space.

Where does FUUSN’s money come from and where does it go?

…with more Participation

OUTREACH to the Greater Community:

  • Racial Justice Ministry wants to do outreach to people in the community outside FUUSN, lead more racial justice book groups and Living the Pledge Workshops.
  • Religious Education volunteers would create and implement innovative and exciting programs on Sunday morning and throughout the week so that we can attract more families to FUUSN.
  • Year-round stewardship to engage community members and friends (not just when we are encouraging people to turn in their pledges).

Do you want to enliven existing committees or start your own?

Some ideas we have are below. And there are many more opportunities to engage that nobody has thought of… yet.

  • Show off your Zoom skills and serve as the Zoom operator for a Sunday service or hybrid meeting.
  • Be the muffin maven at the next community breakfast or provide plant-based goodies for FUUSN meals.  Support the team to brew up those wonderful, responsibly sourced coffee beans and be the most popular person at coffee hour.
  • Get cooking!  We always need cooks for events like dinners for 7, Patriot’s Day breakfast in Roxbury, and new member dinners.

Member Services:  Greet your friends and neighbors at the sanctuary door; make great friends working with a team; help out at family fun nights, cookouts, etc.

Religious Education:  learn and grow alongside FUUSN’s children and youth, guiding their religious exploration and spiritual discovery – this may include putting your Lego skills to the test!

Social Action:  Join any of the 20+ active FUUSN social action projects or start your own as the plant-based eaters project did recently.

Lay Ministers: Service to others is service to yourself!  Jump in when you can as a care crew member.

Buildings and Grounds:  Write a building maintenance checklist and regularly walk the building to check emergency lights, water shut offs, and potential leaks from ceilings and plumbing.

Events Support:  Unleash your creative side and consider doing communications for our big events!  (services auction, holiday fair, yard sale, Ferry Beach or Sandy Island retreats, etc.)

Pledge Drive Schedule

March 5:Annual Pledge Drive Service (in-person and virtual)
March 10 – April 2:Pledge Parties (SIGN UP FOR PLEDGE PARTIES HERE!)
April 1:Stewards contact those who haven’t pledged or submitted survey
April 24:Steward conversations conclude
May 1:Pledge total is submitted to Finance Committee

For more information — or to discuss the community engagement survey or your 2023/2024 pledge — please contact: pledgedrive@fuusn.org