Over 60 Club News

Twenty-five courageous FUUSNites, unafraid to identify themselves as “aging,” participated in three six-session meetings this past summer and fall under the facilitation of Wendy Haskell, Nancy Wrenn, Kate Mason, and Connie Adkins.  Topics were chosen by each group and covered life style changes, medical challenges, losses, downsizing and other tasks life gives to people in their sixties and seventies.  The goal was to encourage people to explore new opportunities and to recognize the “safety net” which FUUSN offers.

“We began focusing on these concerns at lunch at Ferry Beach over a year ago,” Wendy noted, “And the idea of a special cohort at FUUSN quickly gained interest.”  Erin Splaine advised the leaders to work under the Lay Ministers.  Together they developed a special registration form for people over 60 with contact information about their family members, medical support, funeral wishes if desired, to be kept confidential for use of the ministers.

Some of the groups are continuing to meet with their own volunteer leaders.  Outside speakers on topics covered, to which all FUUSN members and friends will be invited, will be scheduled for coming months. If anyone is interested in joining a new Over 60 Club, Wendy and Connie will be starting a new group in the spring.  Let them know now by emailing Haskellwendy@gmail.com and conadkins1@gmail.com.  — Nancy Wrenn, initiator