A Note from Erin

The summer weather might be hanging on — yet we are solidly in our fall swing here at FUUSN! Water Sunday was a wonderfully raucous and meditative service. How can it be both? The answer is simple — bring hundreds of people who have missed each other and this place together — feed us a wonderful breakfast — sing joyous music together — have Amanda do a handstand during the Story for All Ages and end with the moving prayer that is our annual Water Ceremony when we share poignant moments from our summers away — and voila!

You’ve no doubt seen the notices that our Fall Retreat at Ferry Beach is right around the corner — just three weeks away! Chris O’Donnell has posted registrations forms on-line and will again have an information table during coffee hour this Sunday in the Parish Hall to help answer any questions and get you all signed up! I’m looking forward to the time we will have over the holiday weekend in October to slow down and connect with everyone.

I’m sad to report that our friend Sam Foster has taken another job and will not be returning to FUUSN after all. Sam’s new opportunity came up at the very end of August, and it really is a good next step for him. We are in the process of scheduling a FUUSN Friday Fun Night that Sam can attend to give us all a proper chance to say goodbye. Watch this space.