A Note From Erin

New Membership Coordinator

Pat Rohan, Hattie Kerwin Derrick, Danny Jones, Sharon Sisskind, Cora Jeyadame and I (aka the Membership Coordinator Search Committee) are happy to introduce you all to Jaelynn Linares! There are so many reasons the Committee was unanimous and enthusiastic in our decision to recommend Jaelynn to join us. All of which will become evident as you get to know her in the coming weeks.

A Note From Jaelynn

I am delighted to be starting as the Membership Coordinator here at FUUSN, and I’m looking forward to meeting all of you. My previous career lives have included a variety of experiences: elementary school teaching, tech support, training, project management, and my current passion, growth and wellness coaching. I am excited to bring all my skills to bear in service of the FUUSN community. As a UU myself, I strongly believe in our values and our ability to build a supportive community. My desire as the Membership Coordinator is to both help all members feel included and involved as well as growing our community by making our presence known to the wider world both through our online presence as well as in person.                                                                                                                                      Best, Jaelynn