A Note from Erin

Greetings All,
With so many services between now and the first of the year, I thought it best to send out a listing so you’ll have all the information in one place. Additionally, there are two important elements of the first two services on Christmas Eve to keep in mind:

1) We will chime for each baby born in 2019 – If you’d like a child acknowledged at our 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. Christmas Eve services, please call 617-527-3203, or email Fran at office@fusn.org

2) The collection at the 5:00 and 7:00 will be for the benefit of the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. This Fund exists at the heart of our common ministry. It is used throughout the year to help members of our community, both here at FUUSN and the larger community, find a way through difficult times. The Fund helps pay utility bills, or buys heating oil, or helps with medical expenses, or offset someone’s rent. If you are not planning on attending either of those services please consider sending a donation to the office with a notation that it is for our Minister’s Discretionary Fund. Most importantly, if you, or someone you know, are in need, please let me know.

December 15
In preparation of Hanukkah we will consider the story of the Maccabees who brought light into the darkness of their time, bringing religious freedom to the Jewish people, and who set an example of faith and resistance.

December 21 (Saturday) Solstice Service
We will share part of the solstice night together, celebrating the dark and the coming of light with readings and music from our FUUSN Band members. Following the 7:00 pm service we’ll have mulled cider and refreshments.

December 22 Carol Sing
Our annual Carol Sing service will bring us into joyful community together as we sing familiar carols and holiday songs in this multigenerational service.

December 24 (Tuesday) Christmas Eve
5:00 pm Christmas Eve begins with the exuberant and adorable Pageant featuring the congregation’s children as sheep, shepherds, angels, Kings and Queens, with traditional carols and the Pageant Choir singing.
7:00 pm Our traditional Lessons and Carols service, with Lois Shapiro’s annual version of her Fantasia.
11:30pm We come together in perhaps the most beautiful service of the year featuring non-traditional readings, music and candlelight.

December 29 Quaker Style Service
This is our annual Quaker style service – a chance for us all to sit in much-needed silence together. There will be no Religious Education Classes or Childcare – yet all ages are welcome to join together in shared silence. Of course, there will be coffee and conversation in the Parish Hall following our meditative service.
As always, we look forward to seeing you all on Sunday and (hopefully) many times in-between.