A Note From Erin

As my dad was fond of saying, it feels like a month of Sundays since we’ve seen each other. Like far too many this winter, I was felled by the flu in January. Thankfully, I did get the shot which by all accounts helped make the duration and severity of my run-in with the flu less severe then it could have been. Even so, for the last several weeks I have either not been present at FUUSN or when I was here I certainly was not myself. I have missed you all and am so happy to be back.

While the last month has been frustrating I consider myself to be incredibly lucky. Far too many people face illness without health insurance, an understanding employer and co-workers who are able to step-in and up to help. I have all three and it made all the difference to my recovery. These last few weeks proved once again how well served you all are by a caring, committed and talented staff who routinely step in and up in seen and unseen ways. It is a joy and an honor to be part of such a collaborative and dedicated team.

So, I’m back and ready to go! I’m especially looking forward to the Budget Drive which officially kicks-off on Sunday March 4th. Co-chairs Brian Gill, Saul Lookner and Julia Wolfe, backed up by an incredibly diverse and gifted team, have been working hard to create a Budget Drive that celebrates what is so life-affirming about FUUSN and helps us think about ways we can endeavor to do better and how each of us can “help FUUSN’s beacon shine bright and clear, this year and in the years to come.” The list of Pledge Parties is out — each offering a fun and engaging way to connect. Make sure you sign-up soon, because they fill up fast! As in past years, I’m planning on being at each one and look forward to seeing you all there.

I’ve missed you all and can’t wait to reconnect.