An Acknowledgement


Your Board of Trustees would like to acknowledge the gifts that Amanda has brought to us as Director of Religious Education over the past 4 years. Her energy, warmth and humor (and amazing handstands!) have engaged our children, youth and families as well as many of us of all ages. Pandy has become a beloved addition to our Sunday services. Amanda’s creative contributions to our Sunday services, to the Racial Justice Ministry team, and to the religious education of our congregation as a whole will be missed.

Of course a double loss this June touches us all. Your Board is working to put plans in place to address the institutional concerns that Amanda’s departure raises.

We on the Board are particularly grateful for the strength and resilience of our community. Even if we’re not all feeling strong and resilient at the same time, we have been supporting and lifting each other up throughout these past couple of years. And we will continue to do so. This upcoming transitional time is one of great opportunities for us to look at our needs and envision a fresh future.

We will continue to be in touch about plans and timelines for addressing both Erin and Amanda’s transitions. In the meantime, and as always, we welcome your thoughts and questions.

Demie Stathoplos, Chair
Barbara Schmitt, Vice-Chair
Brian Hicks
Chris Krebs
Hattie Kerwin-Derrick
Stephanie Kendall
Naomi Wolfe – Youth rep
Tom Kisiel – Youth rep.