Becoming Effective Allies

Sundays, November 4 and 18, Noon to 1:30 Facilitators: Barbara Deck and Jacqui James Announcing a two-session opportunity to explore what it means to be an ally and practices to support, empower, and stand-up for another person or groups of people.

People from all targeted or oppressed groups are systematically bombarded by society with unfair treatment, hostility, violence, or other forms of discrimination. People who are targeted need support from allies, from people not targeted in the same ways. There are many ways to be an ally. Sometimes it’s just reaching out and caring; sometimes it means taking a stand against ethnic, sexist, or other oppressive jokes and comments. It can mean speaking out publicly against injustice; sometimes it means organizing a demonstration against discrimination.

To be an ally to people in groups that have been targeted, it is important to understand that the history of your own cultural group can influence the way you see other groups. If you are aware of how your own heritage and history has influenced you, you will be better equipped to be an ally to others. If you are a person who is already aware of your own oppression, it is important to understand that our first-hand experience of oppression doesn’t necessarily teach us how to be allies to members of other groups.

In this two-session opportunity we will discover the most effective ways to think about each other, empower each other; and act on each other’s behalf and other people we care about in our day-to-day lives or in emergency situations. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in this exploration and training, by contacting Jacqui at