Board of Trustees

Your Board of Trustees has an update on activities that are underway, which you will be hearing more about as we proceed through the next few months. Our Board priorities for this congregational year include the following. All congregation members are invited to become involved in one or more of these priorities as events and engagement opportunities are announced. :

* Re-engaging and nurturing all members as we negotiate the ups and downs of the ongoing pandemic
* Living into the 8th Principle as a touchstone for all our work
* Selecting Search Committee for a new settled minister, and creating a process to discern what FUUSN wants and needs going forward. Stay tuned for more details on congregational involvement in the process to form this search committee.
* Discerning the values and principles that FUUSN wants to bring forward as we envision our future
* Determining how our front hallway will represent a welcoming vision of FUUSN in the present
* Supporting the presentation of FUUSN history, with focus on values, principles, activities of the congregation, as well as the role of ministers and iconography
* Evaluating options for a parking lot that supports our tenant income and accommodates congregants with mobility constraints. Congregational approval will be solicited as we arrive at any particular decision point.

The Board met on Sunday, Oct. 23rd, with a small group of lay leaders and several staff to begin thinking about how we will coordinate the activities that will support these priorities. You will be hearing more details as they get fleshed out.

We are aware of the fact that the pandemic has been, and continues to be stressful and/or tiring for many of our congregants, and that “right sizing” the activities and “asks” we make of our fellow congregants will be important. As your Board, we welcome your input and feedback as we proceed through the year. Please feel free to reach out to any of us via email (but understand it might take us a few days to get back to you).

Barbara Schmitt – Vice Chair
Chris Krebs
Demie Stathoplos – Chair
Hattie Kerwin Derrick
Joe Klinman – Youth Rep
RoseAnn Murray
Stephanie Kendall