Board of Trustees

A Youth’s Perspective When first hearing that I was nominated for being on the church’s Board of Trustees I was surprised because I still considered myself as “new” even though I started coming to FUUSN in 7th grade.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Amalia Basch and my parents are Deb Reckert and Enid Basch. Being on the board opened my eyes to see who made all the decisions on what events would be held, what fund raisers we had, and the decision making that held the church together.

The first meeting I went to I felt intimidated, but everyone was so polite and really made me feel like an adult and accepted. The board gave me a chance to participate in making important decisions for the church. It helped me better understand how to budget and make the most of the money we get, in order to keep the church an enjoyable community. Continuing to attend the board meetings made me realize how much each person cared about the church. I learned that being on the board was also about accepting different ideas and making sure that each person could share their opinions. The board makes sure that each member’s ideas are equally heard.

This experience exceeded my expectations and taught me how important it is to understand finances, and how collaborating with others helps to build a strong community of which I am proud be a part. –Amalia Basch, Youth Representative