Budget Drive Update and Upcoming Events

Budget Drive Update:

Last Week for the Incentive Challenge (through midnight Sunday, April 17)!  

Our beloved FUUSN gets another $50 for each pledge of $100 or more (or $100 increase to an existing pledge) between now and Sunday April 17 (as long as funds last)   Thanks to your efforts to date we have unlocked $7,125 of the $8,000 the four anonymous donors have pledged (in addition to their generous pledges) to get pledges in on time. 

Pledge at least $100 (or increase your existing pledge by $100) by pledging online by Sunday 17 April at www.fusn.org/connection/donate to unlock the additional value of the incentive for FUUSN.  

Pledge Status:   185 Pledgers have pledged a total of $535,027 – we are 85% to our goal but need another $97K!  

When a Steward Calls….

answer the call!   Annual Budget Drive stewards are hard at work contacting people who have not yet pledged.  Answer their e-mail or their phone call!  Chat with an old friend or make a new one!