Budget Drive Update, Upcoming Events, and Learn About FUUSN

Pledge Status: 75 Pledgers have pledged a total of $265,370, and 8 kind people have also donated $3,275 to the Hardship fund. We are 44% to our goal!

Community Engagement Survey – Quote of the week: “Every event I have participated in has been fun, enlightening and gives me a greater sense of community. I am so grateful to be a small part of this amazing, giving community.”

Incentive Challenge! 8 anonymous donors have offered a total of up to $8,000 (in addition to their generous pledges) to get pledges in on time. So far we have unlocked $2,250 of the $8,000. Keep it going!
Pledge online at www.fusn.org/2023-annual-pledge-drive/ or e-mail the amount you wish to pledge to pledgedrive@fuusn.org or bring your pledge forms to a Pledge Party to unlock the most value of the incentive for FUUSN.
NOTE: If you have already pledged and wish to increase it by at least $100, your increase will also unlock funds!

Upcoming Budget Drive Events – Pledge parties are filling up, please reserve your spot now!
Saturday, March 25
• Building Tour: 3 – 4p @ FUUSN hosted by Smalley/Farnsworth
• Pledge Party: 4 – 6p @ FUUSN drinks (beer/wine) and plant-based apps with Huston/Dundon
Sunday, March 26 – Enjoy Music Sunday!
Friday, March 31
• 5:30 pm: Family Friendly Pledge Party – Pizza and Wings with Brooke Foucault Welles and Devon Welles
Saturday, April 1 FULL Pledge Party – Foolish cryo-cocktails and apps with Joyce Pollack and Kevin Osborne
Sunday, April 2
• 5:00 pm: NEW!! Dinner with Barbara Niles and Jay Flynn
• 6:00 pm: FULL Pledge Party – Dinner with Lisa Carbone and Robert Lakomski
Monday, April 3 Stewards start contacting people who have not pledged

Link to fill sign up for Pledge Parties, Pledge, and fill out the Community Engagement survey: www.fuusn.org/2023-annual-pledge-drive
Contact pledgedrive@fuusn.org if you have any questions.

Learn about FUUSN! Today’s spotlight: Music

Spotlight: Music! FUUSN’s music program is uplifting, varied, meaningful, spiritual and provides a connection to the Sunday service and to each other. Not only is the music very well received by the community, with two Music Sundays, at least one Musicians Concert and a Folk Concert each year in addition to music on each Sunday in the Sanctuary, the program also provides our many talented musicians with lots of opportunities to connect with their creative selves.

FUUSN Band                                              FUUSN Choir

Music at Ferry Beach                                  Talent Show at Sandy Island                                    

FUUSN has a choir, band (bluegrass, folk, rock, jazz), family choir, liturgical dance ensemble, a Steinway B piano, and a wonderful organ (that needs an expensive overhaul).  All in all, in the last year 49 people have been involved in the music program at FUUSN!  One of the happy results of COVID that remains to this day is the addition of Vespers every Friday evening where people can join together on zoom to enjoy poetry and music and conversation to start their weekend.

Rehearsal and performances (and fun!) didn’t stop during COVID for our musicians

FUUSN’s musicians have collaborated with many other churches and music (and dance!) groups in putting on large works – they’ve even performed on tour in Germany! 


Instant Choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus

Germany Tour

Lest you think FUUSN’s musicians are a group of pros, our musicians come into the program at many levels:  Skill levels run the gamut from paid professionals all the way to rank beginners (who believe they cannot hold a tune) – and somehow it works!  George Bachelor said it best: “Anne has the uncanny ability to spot and nurture each individual’s offering, bring us each into the fold, then passionately urge us collectively to look up, listen to each other, and in so doing lift each other….  And cool stuff happens.”  Anne will be on a well-earned sabbatical for the rest of the church year, but (thankfully) will return in the fall.

Finally back in the sanctuary

Summer picnic and jam session

Yes, the FUUSN musicians do a lot, but there is so much more we would like to do! 

  • Revive “Music in the Classrooms”: Hire a musician to incorporate more music into RE
  • Outreach to the community with more joint musical projects with other organizations and by offering more concerts for the community
  • Raise salaries for our professional choral section leaders
  • Rebuild our organ (long-term goal)

Children’s Chorus

Talent Show at Ferry Beach

Please join us in the Sanctuary on March 26 to revel in Music Sunday and come to coffee hour in the Parish Hall to congratulate all those involved!  If you are interested in joining the music program, please contact Anne Watson Born at music@fusn.org.

None of FUUSN’s wonderful music happens without your time, talent and treasure!   Fill out the Community Engagement Survey, Pledge and sign up for Pledge Parties here 2023 Annual Pledge Drive – First Unitarian Universalist Society in Newton (fusn.org)