Budget Drive

Can You Help Us Close the Gap and Keep the Flame Alive?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the annual budget drive. We are deeply grateful for your commitment and support. We are closing the drive now, and unfortunately have raised only $573,000 towards our target of $625,000.

If you have not yet pledged, can you please do so today? We need everyone to pledge in order to build a healthy and sustainable financial future for FUUSN. We will accept pledges by email, and you do not need to make any payment now, as your pledge can be paid at any time between now and May 31, 2020.

As we sang last Sunday, “Gather the spirit, harvest the power. Our separate fires will kindle one flame.” Your pledge will ensure that FUUSN not only survives, but thrives, with a flame that burns bright for all to see. Thank you for contributing at a level consistent with your financial situation and your spiritual commitment to FUUSN. The Goals and Giving Guide describes in more detail the expenses, revenue, and suggested pledging levels.

If you have not yet pledged, please do so by emailing budgetdrive@fuusn.org or visiting fusn.org/connection/donate/.

For those who have already pledged, please accept our heartfelt gratitude. Your support is what enables FUUSN to be a beloved community for so many of us, and we are deeply grateful.

Julia Huston, Elisabeth Greer, Brian Gill Annual Budget Drive Co-Chairs