Building Bridges: Update on the FUUSN 2020 Annual Budget Drive

Dear FUUSN Community,

We have currently raised a total of $216,789 from 69 pledges towards FUUSN’s goal of $635,000. Thank you to everyone who has already pledged their support to FUUSN. FUUSN’s pledges represent over 2/3 of the funds required to keep FUUSN operating, including paying our wonderful staff who are working so hard to ensure we are connected in faith during these times. For more information about the Annual Budget Drive or to pledge online please visit us online at or email us at

Since we are unable to have a table at coffee hour this year, I would like to take a moment to introduce and thank all the volunteers from the FUUSN community that make the Annual Budget Drive possible. This includes the Annual Budget Drive Team, Party Hosts, and Stewards. We are incredibly lucky to have such a large number of volunteers committed to ensuring a strong future for FUUSN. The Annual Budget Drive team is Michael Costello, Rob Gifford, Julia Huston and myself, Elisabeth Greer.

Community members who opened their homes for pledge parties (only to have most of them canceled)- Anne and Ted Hess Mahan, Lisa Carbone & Robert Lakomski, Ollie McFadden and Bob Persons and Jeannie Chassion, Gordon Moriarty, Julia Wolfe & Eric Moore, Jay Flynn and Barbara Niles, Valerie Miller & Gregg DiBiaso, Christine and Saul Lookner and Kate and Norm Thibeault, Jon Reuman and Carolyn Lamb, and Jill DiGiovanni and Jason Goldschmidt. We appreciate your generosity and flexibility in following up with party participants and finding ways to engage the FUUSN community in these difficult times.

Stewards for the Annual Budget Drive are reaching out, making connections, and helping us raise funds for FUUSN. The stewards for the 2020 Annual Budget Drive are Susan Bartlett, Tom Bean, Urban Larson, Bill Dusett, Laurel Farnsworth, Todd Farrell, Lynn Holbein, Bill Horn, Bruce Kimball, Curt Lamb, Pat Rohan, Wendy Schwartz, Jeannie Chassion, Brian Hicks, Peter Smith, Karen Davis, Gayle Smalley, Margaret Costello, Andrew Morse, and Jonathan Lilienfeld.

We are relying on the volunteers and the FUUSN community to meet our financial goals and ensure a bright future for FUUSN.

Thank You!
FUUSN 2020 Annual Budget Team