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RE Update

When I talk to colleagues in surrounding communities, I know there are congregations that are beginning to fall apart rapidly and seeing decline in membership so significant that they are considering mergers with other congregations or dissolution. There are congregations that cannot afford clergy and … read more.

The Six Pillars of Membership

Through the eyes of our PreK-5th graders, membership is not so complicated at FUUSN – they learned about the Six Pillars of Membership. The six pillars are: social action, learning, building community, involvement, worship, and leadership. When asked to explore these pillars and identify the … read more.

FUUSN Family Trivia Night

On Friday, March 24th from 6:00-9:00 in our Parish Hall the Religious Education Committee will be hosting a FUUSN Family Trivia Night. Join us for dinner and five rounds of trivia throughout the evening – there will be time for newcomers and long-standing FUUSN members and … read more.


On Sunday, February 12th, we will cook a meal for Chaplains on the Way. We will cook the meal in the late afternoon between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. On Thursday, February 16th from 4:30-7:00, we will serve and share this meal with our unhoused neighbors … read more.

Updates from the R.E. Office

Last month, we had a very successful couple of field trips and some wonderful activities

On November 19th, our 8th-12th graders had their first youth group outing, which was to Puzzle Break. Thanks to Christine Helfrich for joining me as chaperone. Our next event will … read more.

On Forgiveness and Religious Exploration

You may have found yourself wondering: Why does Devin care so much about the language we use in our programming for children, youth, and families? The truth: I care because I grew up in a tradition that encouraged questions and provided many different answers, even … read more.

Religious Education

Dear FUUSN Members and Friends,

As I start my third week here at FUUSN, I am truly inspired by this congregation and excited for our future together. So far, I have gotten to know some of you, understand what you love about this congregation, and learn … read more.