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Thank UUs

Special thanks to Bob Persons who is tireless in his devotion to this building. He installed the privacy strips in the bathrooms, made huge improvements to the sound system in Parish Hall and the Alliance room and who knows how many more projects he has … read more.

Thank UUs

Brian Gill, Saul Lookner and Julia Wolfe for all your dedicated work on this year’s Budget Drive, Also, thanks to Bruce Henderson who is their behind the scenes guy. Let’s see if we can close the gap—if you haven’t given yet, please send in your … read more.

Thank You

Dear FUUSN Community: The family of Ellen Humez offers grateful thanks for your individual and collective support as we celebrated Ellen’s life on October 28, 2017. It is always risky to single out certain people, for fear of overlooking deserving others, but we must mention … read more.

Thank UUs

The Care Crew thanks, Judy Friedman, Eric Haas, Brenda Roberts, Kit Ryan, Ann Woodbury, Bart Wright, and Carrie van der Laan for their help in October

Thank UUs

Thank you to everyone, especially the volunteers, who made the FUUSN Columbus Day retreat a smashing success.

Richard Bail, Sam Foster, Judy Friedman, Eric Haas, Julia Huston, Suriya Jeyapalan, Eileen Kurkowski, Amy Lathrop, Karen Lein, Saul Lookner, Rekha McKinney, James Pucci, Jenn Pucci, Brenda Roberts, Jacki … read more.

Thank UUs

Dear fellow FUUSNites,

I want to publicly thank Bruce Henderson for all the work that he has done over the past many months to vastly improve the electronic communications and website for the FUUSN community.

Bruce has worked tirelessly to reorganize the collection and … read more.

Thank UUs

Thank you so much to the many people who organized, decorated the hall, cooked for and cleaned up after the Oktoberfest Dinner last month. Special thanks to Ron Margolin, Alan Crosby, Bobbie Sproat and Jacki Rohan. And very many thanks to all the folks who … read more.

A Ferry Beach Thank UU

A huge Thank UU to all the volunteers who made the FUUSN Ferry Beach retreat a huge success this year: Mike Arnott, Bill Dusett, Karen Edwards, Judy Friedman, Stu Gladstone, Julia Huston, Stephanie Kendall, Karen Lein, Jen Lerner, Saul Lookner, Christine Lookner, Larry McKinney, Bob McWilliams, Andrew Morse, Maura Morse, Jacki Rohan, Pat Rohan, Mindy Scharlin, Sandra Teare, Norm … read more.