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Summer Services

FUUSN Summer Services 2023

July 2

July 9
Parish Hall only
The Church of Jazz
Church is where you find it. Join us for a jazz concert tuned to the qualities of human experience we look for in church. Geoff Hicks, celebrated local jazz artist … read more.

Flower Ceremony!

This morning we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Rev. Norbert Capek creating the flower ceremony at the Unitarian Congregation in Prague. We’ll welcome new members, dedicate children and celebrate the wonderful diversity of humans that build this beloved community. Please bring a … read more.

Sundays in June

June 4th
Religious Exploration Sunday Devin Shmueli

June 11th
Flower Ceremony Rev. Parisa Parsa
This year marks 100 years since Norbert Čapek initiated the flower ceremony at the congregation he served in Prague. The flower ceremony is meant to celebrate the ways we come together, … read more.

Christmas Eve Services

Our Christmas Eve Offerings will go to Chaplains on the Way

Thanks to the generosity of FUUSN members, our Minister’s Discretionary Fund (the usual recipient of Christmas Eve offerings) is in great shape. In keeping with the spirit of the season of welcoming those who … read more.


Please remember to join us for our annual vigil for the Transgender Day of Remembrance at 5pm on Sunday November 20 in the sanctuary!

August 21 – Being Music

We are deeply appreciative the many varieties of music that accompany our lives. Might we extend this appreciation to wonder if perhaps we are the music that accompanies our lives. Lois Shapiro, FUUSN’s much loved music coordinator will explore with us the theme of “Being … read more.

Zoom Link for Sunday Services

The Zoom link in the Newsletter is not correct for summer Sunday services.  Check the weekly service announcements you will receive to see if the upcoming service will be in Parish Hall only, or Zoom only.