Children’s Service Project this Sunday: Helping Animals in Need

In keeping with our September theme of stewardship, as well as the seventh UU principle of the interdependent web of existence of which we are all a part, the children of FUUSN are invited to help animals in need here at home and around the country!

On Sunday, Sept. 17, after service, there will be a kids’ parade, a lemonade and treats sale to benefit local animals and relief efforts in Texas and Florida, and a “pet supplies swap” to benefit local animal shelters.

11:45-11:50 in Sanctuary: Children are invited to bring their favorite stuffies for an animal parade. We will meet in the Narthex (at the back of the Sanctuary) 15 minutes after RE ends, to give people a chance to collect their kids from RE and to attend the RE Open House. Then we will march in procession through the building to Parish Hall, to draw attention to our cause. Stuffed animals are welcome, but no live animals, please!

11:50-12:15 in Parish Hall: We will have a lemonade and treats sale in Parish Hall to raise money for animals in need. Kids and families are encouraged to bring donations of lemonade and/or food items to sell and also help at the sale table.

11:50-12:15 in Head Start Kitchen: People will put their extra pet supplies in the middle of the kitchen table, take what they might like for their own pets, and the remainder will be donated to local animal shelters.

What your kids can do ahead of time: Collect new or gently used pet supplies that are no longer needed in your home, and bring them to services. Or make or buy food items (preferably nut-free, and individually wrapped) or beverages that could be sold at coffee hour, and bring them to services. Please be sure to label any homemade food that contains nuts. And don’t forget to bring your child’s favorite stuffed animal for the parade!

What to do on Sunday: Pet supplies can be dropped off before services in the Head Start kitchen, which is at the top of the stairs above Parish Hall. Food items and beverages can be dropped off before services at the stage in Parish Hall. Or, if you are running late, you can deliver them during coffee hour but try to do it on the early side. After services and RE, bring your child to the Narthex for the stuffed animal parade. Then enjoy the events as a family!

For questions about the parade or bake sale, contact Neal Klinman at

For questions about the pet supplies swap, contact Don Larson at

We look forward to seeing you, and hope to have your help to bring aid to the animals in need!