Chime music before and after the service!

Everyone attending the 7:00 service, whether In-person or Zoom, will enjoy seasonal tunes played on FUUSN’s 11-bell chime (tower bells). At about 6:35 Bob Feldman will begin pre-service music. Immediately following the service, the chime concert will resume for about 20 minutes.

Those on Zoom will be able to watch Bob vigorously play by pushing wooden levers at the chime platform, each lever attached to the clapper of a bell. The bells, with a combined weight just shy of seven tons, are hung at the top of FUUSN’s tower.

Each bell bears an engraved motto, reflecting a Unitarian perspective from the early twentieth century:

My tongue shall tell of the Fatherhood of God;
My voice shall prophesy of the Brotherhood of Man;
I speak of the saving power of the good life;
I proclaim the freedom of the mind to think and of the soul to worship;
I testify to the supreme worth of human service;
I ring out for the selfishness and meanness of men;
I ring in the generous spirit and the blameless life;
I sound abroad the joy at the heart of the world;
I cry the eternal progress of mankind;
I am the voice of Faith, Hope and Love;
I sing the valors and the excellence of the humble children of God. (listed from largest to smallest)