Clear Air at FUUSN

This is a reminder of what we do to keep the indoor air at FUUSN clean and minimize the cost of heating and cooling our 19-zone system. Most of the assembly spaces and classrooms are conditioned by forced-air systems. The fans serving these systems are run continuously before, during, and after each scheduled use. The air is ionized and passed through MERV 13 filters. The spaces with forced-water systems, including the Nursery, Youth Room, and most offices have plug-in filters that include a fan, ionizer, germicidal UV light, and electrostatic filter.

To keep our cost and carbon footprint as low as we can, we keep our spaces in “standby” mode when they are not scheduled for use, meaning 55°F winter and 80°F summer and air circulation only as required for conditioning. This is one reason you should inform our Administrator, Fran Clancy, in advance when you or your group want to use a room at FUUSN. The 19 zones are heated and cooled according to a seasonal weekly schedule, and at the beginning of each month we schedule any special events that have been requested.

Warm wishes,
Bob Persons