Ferry Beach Weekend

Our 3 day weekend retreat on the Maine coast is on for Oct. 8-11 !

As our congregation finds different ways for us to connect, Chris O’Donnell and I, with the support of FUUSN’s Ops Council, have asked our homegrown experts to create Health and Safety guidelines for this year‘s Ferry Beach retreat. Dr. Lynne Karlson, Kate Thibeault and Dr. Leah Dusett have reviewed Ferry Beach’s COVID-19 plan and created one to meet FUUSN’s specific needs.

If you are considering attending Ferry Beach this year, please request a complete copy of the Initial Draft of these guidelines.

A few of the more prominent Health & Safety Guidelines include:
Everyone ages 12 and older will be required to show Proof of vaccination when they register
Children ages 2-12 are required to have two (2) negative rapid antigen COVID tests BEFORE heading to Ferry Beach
There will be more space provided outdoors for happy hour and dining.
Folks over 12, must wear masks indoors and should consider wearing masks outdoors in order to normalize it for our children.
We expect some modification to these draft guidelines in the next 5-7 days.
If you have questions on these guidelines please send them to:

Ferry Beach has been hosting conferences safely this summer, up to and including this current weekend. They and us at FUUSN want to continue traditions of offering us times together while providing a level of safety to make many of us feel comfortable in attending.

This year at Ferry Beach will be good and it will, like many activities these days, be different. We look forward to seeing many of you at Ferry Beach this year.

Chris O’Donnell and Bill Dusett