From the Minister: Clarification


There seems to be some confusion about how long I will be with you. Since the end of that time period is coming sooner than some of you think, I should clarify the situation. The letter of agreement stipulates a part time ministry. Part time is described as twenty-five hours. It began on September 20 and ends February 20. Erin will be back from her sabbatical at about that time and will preach on February 26.

There is a saying among ministers that it is nearly impossible for a minister to work part time since any congregation’s needs for ministry are more than full time. I am, however, only working twenty-five hours a week because that’s what we agreed on and that’s what I’m paid for. Many of you remember when I was the full time interim minister here for two years, but this is different.

I am enjoying my time with you and would not have come out of retirement if I did not think that FUUSN is pretty special.   — Rev. John Nichols