FUUSN Fun Night in March: What Shall We Do?

The next FUUSN Fun Night is being planned for either March 3rd or 10th. I am canvassing the community for new ideas, and old favorites, for my first Fun Night at FUUSN.

What have you enjoyed at FUUSN Fun Nights over the years? Was there a particular theme, or activity, or food and drink, that you think worked really well in the past? Would you like FUUSN to organize a country dance? A square dance? A ballroom class? A rock concert? A choral concert? A talent show? A costume competition? What is a good activity to engage the kids?

Get in touch with your new Congregational Engagement Coordinator by email (sam@fusn.org) or by phone (617-527-3203) and let him know what you want out of your FUUSN Fun Nights. All ideas are welcome! In addition, if you would like to try your hand at organizing a Fun Night at FUUSN, let me know. I look forward to discussing how we can make the Fun Night a special occasion for everyone. -Sam Foster