FUUSN Guidelines for Playing in the Head Start Room

Families have been asking for a dedicated play space during coffee hour, for when it’s not nice enough to go outside on the playground. The FUUSN Operations Council is making the Head Start Room upstairs available for play. Here are some guidelines on how we can make that space–and coffee hour–safe and welcoming for families and people less steady on their feet alike.

For Adults:

  1. Children must be supervised by a parent/guardian or another adult designated by the parent/guardian.
  2. Adults are encouraged to bring in chairs, coffee, etc., as long as you clean up after yourself.

For Kids:

  1. Indoor play should stay in the Head Start Room during Coffee Hour.  No playing in the Tower Room beyond the folding doors.
  2. Stay Safe! Don’t throw toys. Keep off counters, ledges, and windows.
  3. Clean up when you’re done.
  4. Walk in the hallways and in the Parish Hall.