Should FUUSN Sponsor a Family of Refugees Seeking Asylum in the Newton Area?

Please come explore this question on Sunday, Sept. 17, at noon in the Alliance Room.

After the election, lots of FUUSNites were upset about persecution of immigrants. We began conversations with the Refugee Immigration Ministry (RIM) to see how we could help. Meanwhile, five congregations (Grace Episcopal Church, Newton Centre Minyan, First Baptist Church of Newton, Temple Reyim, and Temple Beth Zion) formed a “Newton cluster” to sponsor asylum seekers. The cluster has already sponsored three mothers with children fleeing Uganda, Cameroon and Ecuador.

Should FUUSN join this cluster? At the moment, the most critical need is to find Newton residents willing to house one or two asylum seekers for a period of about six months while they find employment and housing. Volunteers are also sought to help with transportation, acculturation (ESL, finding day care, etc.), employment opportunities, babysitting, clothing and furniture donations, and integration into the community. There will be multiple opportunities for one-time or longer-term help.

Come this Sunday for lunch and to hear the co-chair of the Newton cluster, Bonnie Glickman, tell us what is involved. The decision on whether to join the Newton cluster will be part of the Special Meeting on October 1. -Lynn Holbein