Community Celebration Breakfast

The Member Services Committee, with a volunteer crew headed by Chris Dame, invites you to a FREE Sunday Morning Breakfast on April 10 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Reservations are not required.

There will be seating in the Parish Hall for those people who fulfill the vaccination recommendations currently in place in Massachusetts. Namely, that those 18 years old and over are fully vaccinated and boosted, those under 18 are fully vaccinated, and for children under 5 there is no requirement. There is no need to show the vaccination card, being good UU’s this is on the honor system.

Seating will also be available outside at the playground, rain or shine. If there is inclement weather outside, tables will be under farmers’ tents.

While walking in the Parish Hall, please wear a mask.

Please come to this get-together as we slowly and carefully ease out of the pandemic.