Gardening for Life – March 22

More and more gardeners are creating Nature-friendly gardens by adding one or more plants that support wildlife. Whether you are an experienced or new gardener Doug Tallamy demonstrates how to create settings that are alive and rewarding to view.

As one gardener said of Tallamy’s book Bringing Nature Home, “It’s like taking a walk outside with a favorite uncle who knows all about the beauty and wonder around you, and is generous and fun enough so you can [experience them] too…. Just by doing things a little differently you notice the difference in even a short period of time.”

Following the Tallamy video, Barbara Bates will show photos and talk about creating and learning from FUUSN’s Critter Garden.

Join us on Sunday, March 22, Noon to 1:30 in the Chapel.Light refreshments will be served.

Sponsored by the Climate Task Force (formerly known as Green Sanctuary Committee)