It is with heavy hearts that we are saying goodbye to this wonderful community. In a week we are moving to Colorado to be with our daughter and her husband and two young boys. It’s clearly the right choice at the right time for us, but it’s achingly sad to say goodbye to all of you.

We came to FUUSN in the early 80’s, when our kids were young, because we had heard that the church had a growing and vibrant RE program, and the folks we met when we visited were so welcoming and interesting. Those initial impressions have only grown and ripened over the years. While many of our friends were parents of kids of similar ages, and some have moved on and some have, sadly, passed on, our lives are incomparably richer because of the many friends of all ages and circumstances that we have made over the years. We thank you for having been in our lives.

A word to those of you who are relatively new to FUUSN: It’s a cliché, but whatever energy you put into this place will repay you many times over. The friendships you will make, the people whom you will come to appreciate more deeply than your initial impression, and the sense of belonging and ownership you will feel are unique and invaluable.

It’s comforting to know that FUUSN will always be here. We look forward to seeing you whenever we pass through Newton again.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Jon & Chris Reusser