Gratitude as Wisdom and Healing Workshop, Nov. 5

The Over 60’s invite you to join us for this important workshop! Gratitude as Wisdom and Healing Workshop, Presented by Karen Edwards, Ph.D. Sunday, Nov. 5, 12:00 – 3:00 pm – Alliance Room, light lunch served.

Karen’s workshops come from her teaching curriculum and writing called Developing Wisdom in the Elder Years, a follow-up to her book Becoming Women of Wisdom: Celebrating the Passage into the Crone Years, co- authored with Melody Lee and Dorothy Emerson.   Her workshops are designed to give elders strategies to develop and share their wisdom.

Gratitude as Wisdom and Healing: Practicing gratitude as a core expression enhances mental and physical health, as well as enriching our relationships (even after divorce or death) according to the extensive research on the power of gratitude to change how well we live. 
We will be exploring the power of expressing gratitude in our own lives through a series of fun experiences including writing, sharing and games that can be taken home and used with your friends and family. Karen will help us unpack our experiences and have discussions that are designed to develop wisdom both personally and in the group.

Intention- Participants will develop a fuller awareness of the power of practicing gratitude through reflection, discussion and writing. Opening music and Quote (Reflection Questions on projector or flip chart) Introduction to the workshop, Intentions & definitions
Research on the mental and physical health benefits of practicing Gratitude, followed by fun exercises and reflective discussion.

Registration required:

Karen Edwards, PhD. Karen’s current writing project includes workshop materials on a variety of topics such as Gratitude, Forgiveness, Community Building, and intellectual openness. She has offered workshop training for Social Workers, Chaplains and Senior Center Personnel who can then deliver the workshops themselves.