Healthy Baby/Healthy Child

Healthy Baby/Healthy Child is a holiday gift-giving project sponsored by FUUSN in conjunction with the Boston Public Health Nurses. Children whose families are unable to provide gifts for them have been identified by the nurses. This is an opportunity for you and your children to give to others in need during the holiday season.

The Healthy Baby/Healthy Child program, a community-based program serving Boston families, is designed to promote infant survival, positive birth outcomes, health and nutrition, parenting education, legal services and much more.

Families all struggle to provide a healthy and happy life for their children, particularly during the COVID 19 pandemic. The program serves children from birth to age 12; please select a gift for any age child. This year, like 2020, the nurses have created an Amazon wish list as a guide but feel free to order or purchase elsewhere your (or your child’s) favorite toy. The link is:

The gifts should be shipped directly to Elise Morantus Petion at the gift registry address and need to be received by Sunday December 19th. For those who prefer to purchase gifts on their own, please bring them to FUUSN no later than Sunday December 19th or contact us to arrange pick-up.

Thank you—you make a difference with your generous gift!

Questions? Contact:
Wendy Atamian (617-997-9320,
Susan Bartlett (617-833-8682,