Holiday Fair Appreciation

So many thanks to so many people that are too many to list.  We had a wonderful Holiday Fair this year due to all who volunteered in so many ways.  People turned out Thursday night to move furniture out of the way and set up tables and shelves so we could spend Friday sorting and arranging.  Hundreds of books, gifts, crafts, jewelry, wreathes and swags were made and arranged on Friday by more volunteers. Bakers and canners brought their creations.  By Friday night, most was in place, beautifully festive.

Saturday morning the last bits were in place and the Parish Hall buzzed with volunteers ready to welcome customers.  A steady stream of friends and community members shopped, talked and thanked us for holding the fair again.  We sold out the wreathes table and baked goods as well as much else.  And a crackerjack team came to clean up at 2:00 pm.  We so much appreciate all the volunteers who made this happen so smoothly and so well.

We are waiting on the credit card sales reports to know how well we did financially but know how well we did as a community.

From your Holiday Fair team:

Ruth Comstock, Co-Chair

Sandy Jones, Co-Chair

Denise Bousquet, sign up genius maven

Kit Ryan, crafter/auctioneer extraordinaire

Connie Stubbs, Barbara Schmitt, Karen Bottar, Laurel Farnsworth and more