Holiday Gift Bags for MCI-Concord Prisoners, Nov. 1-27

Again this year the FUUSN community will join with other local houses of worship to provide holiday gift bags to the prisoners at MCI-Concord–we are collecting items in the month of November as the bags are organized and given to the men at the beginning of December

MCI has very strict regulations regarding approved gift items. There will be a large box covered in holiday wrapping paper in the area near the archway entrance, the men can receive only approved items.  Non-approved items are disposed of, so please be very careful when buying these gift items. The men greatly appreciate these gift bags, and for many this is the only holiday gift that they receive. Any or all of these items can be donated, and the bags are assembled by volunteers at the prison:

  • soap 4-5 oz bar–(not liquid)
  • toothpaste–5.8-6 oz size
  • pads of 100 pages of white paper without wire, 6×9 or 5×8 size
  • boxes of envelopes, business size
  • plastic bottles of shampoo 5 to 12 oz size
  • white crew socks with ribbing, 5 inches or less–(no tube/knee-hi/or tennis socks)

And hand made holiday cards are very appreciated, sign with first name only. Please remember to contribute only items on the approved list. The gifts will be collected from November 1 to November 27. On behalf of these men, thank you very much.          –Marylou McArdle