Meanwhile…from Parisa Parsa

What a joy it has been to meet many of you as the new FUUSN year has begun!

Being new to a congregational system includes all kinds of delightful mysteries (Who makes sure the altar is decorated each week? Where can I find a lightbulb?). It also includes taking in a lot of different perspectives and stories and listening deeply to what is in the words and getting curious about what is behind the telling. Every faith community has a lot to tell about its past, its present, and hopefully its future. It’s part of the work of the interim minister to dive deep into all of the angles of the stories to help the congregation as a whole experience the fullness of what exists.

Our culture – especially our social justice-minded community – is steeped in the language of repair, reconciliation, and healing. All of these are at the center of being in community, especially any community that lasts. Yet too often we move to wanting resolution in the form of repair before we have fully counted, and accounted for, exactly what happened. As we lift up the theme of reckoning in the month of October, we’ll explore what it means to take stock, to count up and analyze what some of our stories mean. In worship, I’ll be taking up the larger story of our historic faith tradition, and we’ll be looking for ways outside of worship to begin talking about FUUSN’s particular story and its many meanings. As announcements come about when and how to engage, I hope you’ll take time to share, to listen, and join in our collective meaning-making about the life of this congregation at this time in history.

Interim, Search, and Transition, Oh My!

An in-person session will be held from 11:30-12:15 in the Chapel on Sunday October 2.
Join me in the chapel as I share a little bit about interim ministry, the timeline for the ministerial search process, and what this transitional time is meant to offer.

In order to offer the best possible experience for those who will join via Zoom, I will offer another opportunity via Zoom to cover the same information and be able to take questions and have conversation. That session will be held on Monday, October 3 from 6:00-6:45pm. We will record this session to share with those who cannot attend.