“Meanwhile…” from Rev. Parisa

“Change is inevitable; growth is optional.”
(Attributed to John C. Maxwell)

One of the memes floating around the internet in the last couple of years has said “I would like to go back to living in precedented times.” The changes wrought in the world with the global pandemic, renewed attention to racial injustice, global conflicts, fires, floods, drought…. It sure would be nice to have a roadmap to know even a little bit of what to expect, wouldn’t it?

The term ‘interim’ comes from 16th century Latin, and is literally the time between. Sometimes defined as meanwhile. I am serving this congregation in the time between settled ministers, of course, but also in this moment in history in which we are learning what has happened in the meanwhile as we were separated by the pandemic and national and global events interrupted how we related to almost everything.

In both church relationships and the rest of our world, we are returning but know that things will not be the same. We may yearn for previous certainties at the same time that we are a little excited about the chance to reimagine things that fit better with our new reality. This time between is made for negotiating who we are and who we can be in light of what is happening in us, among us and around us at this time in history.

I am arriving with you in this interim ministry at a time when we all find ourselves with one foot in the world as it is and another wanting to step forward to arrive in the world as it could be. The great opportunity of the time in between lies in attending to the growth that has been happening all along. To surface the sources of inspiration and share the insights and revelations that we have not yet spoken to each other. To bring to light the sources of courage and share the sorrows we have borne privately. To heal and to grow. To make sense of the past to be sure to bring forward the precious lessons and stories that sustain us.

We know we will sometimes find ourselves a little off balance, and other times we will find ourselves moving forward with confidence. We’ll need to orient one another as we travel, offering encouragement and challenge in the right measure.

I’m delighted to be joining you for this in between time, and to make the most of carrying the great strengths of FUUSN forward.

In faith,

Rev. Parisa