Keep the Flame Alive! Join in FUUSN’s Annual Budget Drive

Thank you for your interest in the annual FUUSN Budget Drive!

Last year we lit the Fire of Commitment, increasing our pledge total by 7 percent over the previous year and raising $585,000. This year we look to Keep the Flame Alive, building toward a healthy and sustainable financial future for FUUSN.

When we look around FUUSN today, we see a vibrant community spanning all ages. We are fortunate to have such an engaged and dynamic congregation. Every week we come together in service and light the chalice flame to celebrate Unitarian Universalism. Your pledges raise two-thirds of the funds required to Keep this Flame Alive. We all engage in activities at FUUSN from music to religious education to social justice. Here’s a more complete list of FUUSN’s Programs and Services.

As a congregation, we are not only responsible for funding these activities but also maintaining the building that is our spiritual home.

In order to Keep the Flame Alive, we have set a goal this year of $625,000. To achieve this, we are asking you to consider contributing at a level consistent with your financial situation and your spiritual commitment to FUUSN. The Goals and Giving Guide describes in more detail the expenses, revenue, and suggested pledging levels. We hope that more and more congregants will pledge at the Sustainer, Visionary, and Transformer levels to ensure that FUUSN not only survives, but thrives, with a flame that burns bright for all to see.

We sincerely thank you for your generosity and support of our congregation.


Your FUUSN budget drive co-chairs:
Brian Gill, Julia Huston, Elisabeth Greer

Resources for FUUSN’s Budget Drive:

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