Lay Ministry at FUUSN

The Lay Ministers at FUUSN provide a web of caring within the FUUSN community. In light of Erin’s sabbatical this year, we want the FUUSN community to be aware of the work and mission of the Lay Ministers. The Lay Ministers can offer support and be sensitive listeners should one wish to discuss personal or family issues, and often they can suggest referrals to professional service providers. The Lay Ministers also maintain the Care Crew list, which is made up of over 50 members of the congregation who have offered to help occasionally with meals, rides, and other short-term needs. The Lay Minister on call each month may ask the Care Crew for volunteers to help out as appropriate.

The Lay Ministers are a diverse group who are very sensitive to confidentiality and discuss specifics only with each other and the ordained clergy. If you need support or assistance, want to share news of a life transition, know of a FUUSN individual that might need assistance, or would like to be added to the Care Crew list, please call the FUUSN Lay Ministry number, 617-340-9299, which will forward to the on-call Lay Minister for the month.  Our Lay Ministers are Margaret Costello, Cris Goldsmith, Kathy Hearn, Shawn Konary, Jud Leonard, Erin O’Donnell, Cindy Orrell, and Ann Woodbury.