2018 Lead An Activity at Sandy Island

Our Sandy Island retreat will be here before you know it!  It’s time to plan our activities.  I’m working on putting together the magic spreadsheet of all the fun things we will do. (Do I smell toasting marshmallows?)
If you are planning to run an activity this year – even if you’ve run it for years and everyone knows you run it – please let me know.  C’mon, take pity on the newbie.
Have an idea for a new activity you’d like to run?  Let me know and we’ll find a slot for it.  Do I hear mah jongg tiles clicking?  Perhaps a contest to see who can find the creepiest bug? (That one will definitely be outside!)  Yodeling lessons?  The possibilities are endless; pick something you are interested in and others will be too.
Please get in touch at celeryelectric@gmail.com with details about the activity you want to run, whether you have a preferred time slot between Saturday noon and Sunday evening (we’ll try to accommodate preferences), and any questions you may have.  The sooner you respond, the fewer corny emails you will get from me.
Thanks for your help in making our Sandy Island trip the special experience it is!
Barbara Schmitt
Sandy Island Activities Coordinator