Legacy Circle

The FUUSN Legacy Circle endeavors to ensure the future of FUUSN by strengthening its financial foundation, particularly by building the permanent endowment. We do this by including FUUSN in our estate plans, and we now number more than 50 individuals and couples

In October 2020, we launched our appeal BUILDING FUUSN’S FUTURE to encourage FUUSN members to join the Legacy Circle. To support the appeal, a number of current LC members contributed to a Matching Fund that will provide a 10% match for the estate commitments of new members.

In retiring the appeal until we resume in June, the Legacy Circle now wishes to recognize publicly and welcome the following members who have officially joined since October:
Karen Edwards
Karen Fink
Susanne Greelish
Marion Allen Kaufmann
Carl & Ellen Metzger
Barbara Schmitt
Connie Stubbs
Devon & Brooke Welles

We would also like to honor the memory of those members of the Legacy Circle who passed away during the past year:
Anne Hartman (d. 2020)
Fiora Houghteling (d. 2020)
Barbara Krause (d. 2020)
David Morocco (d. 2020)
Judy Zacek (d. 2021)

The Legacy Circle also wishes to thank all our members who have contributed leadership, time and financial support to strengthen the financial foundation of FUUSN so that it will continue to serve future generations in the Newton region and throughout the world.

If you have questions or would like to participate in the matching appeal BUILDING FUUSN’S FUTURE, please contact the co-Chairs of the Legacy Circle Committee:
Brian Hicks (bnhicks@icloud.com: M: 857-206-3360)
Bruce Kimball (kimball.45@osu.edu; M: 781-771-9524.

Please see the attached list of Legacy Circle members.