Legacy Circle


The LEGACY CIRCLE comprises members and friends of FUUSN who have included the Society in their estate plan, often contributing to the permanent endowment. Our purpose is to ensure the future of FUUSN, so that the Society will continue to serve future generations in the Newton region and throughout the world.

The Legacy Circle now includes 87 total members, listed on the attachment. Joining the Legacy Circle does not require a large estate! There are several easy ways to join, and you do not need a lawyer.

In 2019, the Legacy Circle launched our matching fund appeal BUILDING FUUSN’S FUTURE to encourage FUUSN members to join. To support the BFF appeal, a number of current LC members have contributed to a matching fund that provides a 10% match today for the future estate commitments of new members.

Now the BFF Appeal is heading into the home stretch and is scheduled to end in six months. Having made it through the worst part of the pandemic, the prospects for this Appeal, as for FUUSN, remain challenging, given the economic downturn and political and social divisions in the nation and the world. But these events demonstrate why we must strengthen FUUSN and preserve its liberal values for the generations ahead, who will surely face formidable challenges.

Please consider joining the Legacy Circle while the matching fund is available.

If you have questions or would like to participate in the matching appeal, please contact the co-Chairs of the Legacy Circle Committee:

Bruce Kimball kimball.45@osu.edu M: 781-771-9524
Brian Hicks bnhicks@icloud.com M: 857-206-3360