Legacy Circle Appeal: Building FUUSN’S Future.

Over the last three months, members of FUUSN’s Legacy Circle have begun personally inviting members of the congregation to join us and widen the Legacy Circle.

The purpose of the Legacy Circle is help ensure the future of FUUSN by strengthening its financial foundation, particularly by building the permanent endowment. We do this by including FUUSN in our estate plans, and we now number more than 50 individuals and couples.

Joining the Legacy Circle does not require a large estate! Many LC members have modest estates. Every commitment helps to strengthen FUUSN for generations to come. And each new member inspires others to join.

There are several easy ways to join, and you do not need a lawyer. For example, many of us have made FUUSN one of the beneficiaries of an IRA, a Donor Advised Fund, a life insurance policy, a Certificate of Deposit, or even a bank account. Others have included FUUSN in their wills or trusts.

Now is an especially fruitful time to join. For a brief time, the Legacy Circle has available a fund that will match your future estate gift with a 10% cash contribution now to FUUSN’s permanent endowment. Created by the generous donations of many LC members, this matching fund of $65,000 will only be available for a limited time.

If you have questions or would like to participate in LEGACY CIRCLE APPEAL: BUILDING FUUSN’S FUTURE, please contact the co-Chairs of the Legacy Circle Committee Brian Hicks (bnhicks@icloud.com: M: 857-206-3360) or Bruce Kimball (kimball.45@osu.edu; M: 781-771-9524.