Legacy Circle Update


We are pleased to announce and to welcome these new members who joined FUUSN’s Legacy Circle in 2021:
Paul Antonucci
John Brennan
Karen Edwards
Wayne Everett & Marlene Allen
Karen Fink
Jay Flynn & Barbara Niles
Susanne Greelish
Eric Haas
Wendy Haskell
Marion Allen Kaufman
Carl & Ellen Metzger
Joyce Pollock & Kevin Osborne
Nancy Stanton
Devon & Brooke Welles
Nick Winslow
Please see the full membership list attached.

The LEGACY CIRCLE comprises members and friends who have included FUUSN in their estate plan. Our purpose is to ensure the future of FUUSN, so that the Society will continue to serve future generations in the Newton region and throughout the world.

Matching fund appeal. Two years ago, the Legacy Circle launched our appeal BUILDING FUUSN’S FUTURE to encourage FUUSN members to join. To support the BFF appeal, a number of current LC members contributed to a matching fund that provides a 10% match today for the future estate commitments of new members. This appeal and the matching fund opportunity will end next year in 2022.

Progress to date. The informal goal of the appeal was to double the size of the membership, which stood at about 51 members early in 2019. Our membership now stands at 81, including six members who have passed away.
Every estate commitment is a valuable contribution. Combined together through the BFF appeal, the many new commitments to FUUSN’s permanent endowment now total more than $1 million.

Joining the Legacy Circle does not require a large estate! There are several easy ways to join, and you do not need a lawyer. If you have questions or would like to participate in the matching appeal BUILDING FUUSN’S FUTURE, please contact the co-Chairs of the Legacy Circle Committee:

Brian Hicks (bnhicks@icloud.com: M: 857-206-3360)
Bruce Kimball (kimball.45@osu.edu; M: 781-771-9524.