Let’s Start a “Fun” Committee

Want to get more involved in fun social events at FUUSN? Do you have ideas for a new event that would bring people together over food and laughter, whether at FUUSN or in your home or at a picnic spot when it gets warmer? Would you enjoy brainstorming those ideas with a group of dedicated fellow FUUSN fun specialists?

We can call it a committee, a task force, a FUUSN fun team, or whatever we like. But let’s make this happen! Our Member Services Committee runs the Family Fun Nights, the newcomer potlucks, the summer barbecue, and a few other events. A dedicated fun team could help support these popular events, and infuse new energy and ideas into how we do them. But we need some new events, as well. Think of these as a blank canvas for your creativity, an opportunity to realize your vision of fellowship and togetherness in our congregation. What fun things should we do together at FUUSN, that we are not already doing?

Get in touch with your Membership Coordinator (sam@fusn.org) if you have an idea, or would like to join the team! All are welcome and the more the merrier!                                                             -Samuel Foster