An Online Directory for FUUSN: Update

In January 2018 we are scheduled to roll out our new online membership directory to the FUUSN congregation. The Operations Council has approved some privacy policies for the directory, so I thought it would be useful to give a preliminary Q&A. If you have questions of you own, please get in touch!

Q. Will I be listed in the online directory?

A. If you are a member of the congregation, you will be listed in the online directory by default. If you are a non-member friend of the congregation, you will not be listed, unless you have notified Sam the Membership Coordinator in writing that you wish to be listed. For Sam’s email address, see below.

Q. I emailed Sam a few months ago stating that I wished to be included in a print version of the directory that never materialized. Does that mean I will be listed in the online directory as well?

A. Yes. But feel free to email Sam again to double check, or to change your mind.

Q. I don’t want to be in an online directory. Can I opt out?

A. Yes. You can opt out of the directory in advance of its release, or at any time, by emailing Sam. After the directory has been rolled out, you will also be able to login to the directory using your email address and opt yourself out. It’s an easy process.

Q. Will my family be listed?

A. If you are listed in the directory, your children’s names will be listed too. But only their names: no personal information about children will ever appear in the directory. You can also remove your children’s names by writing to Sam, or by adjusting your family’s privacy settings after the rollout. Your adult family members will be listed if they are either members or non-member friends who have opted in to the directory (see above).

Additional question that did not appear in the print edition of the newsletter:

Q. Will the online directory be accessible to the public?

A. No. Access to the directory will require a secure login and password. Only members of the FUUSN community will be able to see the directory.

Please get in touch with Sam ( if you have any concerns or any advice you would like to share. More information will follow in the weeks ahead. Sam will also give a presentation on January 14 during coffee hour to anyone who wishes to check out the online directory in a more hands-on way before its release. -Samuel Foster