Mandy Beal Ordination, April 22

Please join us for the ordination of Mandy Beal, during a very special service at FUUSN on Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. To seek and to accept ordination to the Unitarian Universalist ministry is to dedicate oneself to the redemptive power of religious community in the world as expressed in the unique heritage of our liberal faith.

Ordination is the act of conferring ministerial authority.  In our tradition, it is the congregation’s duty to determine if a person possesses the qualities of a minister and is ready for that responsibility.  Participation in the service of ordination by members of the ordaining congregation is of central importance to the ordination, and we hope for a large FUUSN turnout.

Mandy’s ministerial formation has included academic and practical training at Andover Newton Theological school, a hospital chaplaincy, and a two-year internship at the First Parish in Lincoln.  In September, Mandy was granted Preliminary Fellowship by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee.  Before voting to ordain her into UU Ministry, FUUSN’s Board of Trustees reviewed each of these qualifications, alongside knowledge of Mandy’s character and professional experience.

As many of you know, Mandy served as FUUSN’s Youth Coordinator in 2014-15. Following her service to FUUSN, Mandy completed a two-year ministerial internship with the First Parish in Lincoln. She currently serves the First Unitarian Church of Worcester as Co-Acting Director of Faith Development.

Throughout this time, Mandy has maintained her connections with our congregation, including becoming a member in 2015.  She has also preached at FUUSN on multiple occasions, most recently in January 2018, when she shared her own inspiring story of personal and spiritual growth on the path to ministry.

We invite you all to join Mandy, Rev. Erin Splaine, other clergy and religious professionals, and the Board of Trustees to undertake this sacred responsibility in our Sanctuary on April 22.

Childcare is available, but please register online.

A reception for all will follow the service.

Ted Hess-Mahan