Meanwhile… from Rev. Parisa

We began to explore the theme of reckoning through the month of October, looking at the history of our faith tradition in North America, touching on the origins of this congregation in particular, and the many seasons of our lives. As we move into the deep fall and winter, we’ll be taking time to explore the congregation’s story even more, even as we write it together. Many of you have been telling me your own stories and perspectives on the congregation; how it has moved you and supported you and how you have been disappointed. Both the deep, life-giving connections and the tough disappointments are what life in community is all about, and it is important to take time to explore the lessons from both as we consider what future we will build together.

This month’s worship theme is Repair. We know that so much needs mending in our lives, in our world, in our nation and in this community. Being healers in a broken world requires a lot of us: courage, patience, humility and hope, for starters. And grounding ourselves in those qualities requires creating a hospitable space to connect and share our journeys.

I have heard in my short time with you that your deep affection and loyalty to this community, and the changes the pandemic has wrought, mean that you are yearning for fellowship: just the opportunity to be together, to gather again, to re-member. The community breakfast, the Halloween party, and the upcoming yard sale and dinners for seven will continue that momentum with ways to simply be in good company.

As you encounter one another in any of the congregational activities over the coming weeks, I encourage you to share the stories of the connections in your life that have helped you heal. What has repair looked like in your own life, and how has it come about? What lessons can we take from our personal stories as we continue to build FUUSN’s story of community? Share your insights with one another and, if you have a moment, with me!

This month, I’ll be starting a monthly time after worship for coffee and conversation in the Alliance Room focused on the monthly theme. Because I can’t resist alliteration, it’s called “Ponder with Parisa.” Join me on November 13th for our first session!