Membership Coordinator

As you might have heard, it’s budget drive time. The purpose is two-fold. While it is a time to raise funds to sustain our buildings, our programs, and the work of our community, it’s also about taking the time to build and deepen our connections to one another. Despite our best intentions, it can be hard in our busy lives to make the time to sit and be present with the people around us. That is why attending events like the Pledge Parties and the upcoming Fellowship Dinner is so meaningful.

I’m very much looking forward to this time as a chance for me to get to know the FUUSN community better. These events will give each of us moments to pause and just be with each other. Maybe we will meet someone new that shares our passions and interests, or we will learn something new about someone we’ve known for a long time. Or maybe we will just remember how wonderful it is to have the light and warmth of the FUUSN community around us.