Membership Coordinator

Dear FUUSN Community,
Thank you to everyone who attended our December 15 service, where we welcomed our newest members into the congregation. We were fortunate to have a large group of new members (15!) as well as a large number of congregants there to welcome them. We had a pre-service breakfast where all new members got a chance to sign the Membership Book, as well as get to know one another better.

This was my first New Member service since I joined the staff in November, and it felt like an important milestone in my role as Membership Coordinator. It was wonderful to see how friendly and welcoming this congregation is to its newest members — although it came as no surprise, since everyone was friendly and welcoming when I joined! A huge ‘thank you’ goes to the membership committee for all their help in preparing for the day, and in particular we must recognize Pat Rohan for his tireless work on behalf of the committee and the congregation as a whole. I look forward to working on the next New Member service at some point in the future. Best wishes for a happy new year,
Rosemary Dean, Membership Coordinator